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“Melissa has such a detailed understanding of techniques like plotting,
conflict, and scene structure, which can sometimes be hard to get hold of
in your own work. But more than this, she is so good at getting to the
heart of what you want to say with your writing, at finding the elements
in your work that really shine and helping you cultivate that. A huge part
of the reason I was able to write Wish List is thanks to her mentoring.”

Katherine Soper, Winner 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting for Wish List


Script Reading

At Papercut Theatre we know how hard it can be for emerging and developing playwrights to gain the useful feedback they need for their script to reach its full potential. There are a number of excellent organisations that provide feedback which is why at Papercut Theatre we like to offer something a bit different.

We now work in an industry where feedback is normally only given to scripts that are being considered for development. Script reports can also be misinterpreted and can leave you asking more questions that you had to begin with. This is why we want to provide you with the option of receiving feedback face-to-face.

 If you select the One-on-One Service, we will contact you to arrange a one-on-one consultation as soon as is convenient for both parties. As an emerging company at this time we charge £40 an hour for this service. Writers in turn get basic script notes and  can ask questions and engage in dialogue about what their script needs, and Papercut Theatre can meet its goal of engaging with as many emerging playwrights as possible.

All consultations will be held in London. To anyone for whom travelling to London would be a problem, we can discuss the possibility of a phone consultation or a webchat.

If you select the Script Report Service you will receive a detailed script report and this will be a combination of feedback from both a playwright and a director. The turnaround for this will be three weeks as we are eager for you to not get waylaid in the writing process.

If at any time you decide to change the option of how you receive your feedback, please let us know and we’ll be happy to rearrange. We will also be offering discounts for returning playwrights.

We at Papercut have longstanding experience of reading and giving feedback on scripts for a variety of companies including The National Theatre Literary Department, The Bush Theatre, The Soho Theatre, The Verity Bargate Award, Ice & Fire and many more.

Script Services