XY (June 2012)


Six writers were given and simple remit.  
Write a short play without  specifying gender for any of the characters.

Theatre 503
10th & 11th June 2012 @ 19:45

Writers include Peter Cant, Lisa Carroll, Ben Gazur, Afsaneh Gray, Jeff Nolan and John Yates.

Directors include Bruce Adams, David Betz-Heinemann, Peter Cant, Poppy Corbett, Melissa Dunne, Antonio Ferrara, Maja Milatovic-Ovadia and Erica Miller.

Cast includes Jessica Sian, Joanne Ferguson, Robert MacPherson, Joseph Wilkins and Scott Wilson-Besgrove.

XY is curated and created by Melissa Dunne

Stage Manager: Nikki Gooch
Sound Designer: Jon McLeod
Lighting Designer: Dale Driscoll

After the performance on the 11th June, there will be a post show talk with Lisa Cagnacci (Associate Director, Theatre 503), Melissa Dunne (Artistic Director, Papercut Theatre), Samantha Ellis (Playwright), Karis Halsall (Playwright & The Bush Theatre Literary Department) & Sara Pascoe (Actress, Writer & Comedian).