XY Edinburgh Program


Produced by Amanda Castro
Commissioned & Curated by Melissa Dunne

Associate Producer: Lucy Pattison
Production Assistant: Lory Simonetti
Company Stage Manager: Sarah Pujol
Lighting Designer: Maud Young
Sound Designer: Alexandra Braithwaite

* * *

WEEK 1:  31st JULY – 5th AUGUST

‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ by German Munoz
directed by Amanda Castro

D:  Gemma Lawrence
J:  Ines De Clercq
Dr. Phil:  Kelda Holmes

‘The Endings’ Part 1 by Sara Pascoe
directed by Antonio Ferrara

Biggie:  David Ellis
Tiny:  Martin Behrman
Normal:  Tim Cook

‘Spunk’ by Rose Lewenstein
directed by Antonio Ferrara & Melissa Dunne
performed by Tim Cook, Ines De Clercq, David Ellis, Kelda Holmes & Hatty Jones

‘EverWeather’ by Afsaneh Gray
directed by Melissa Dunne

X:  Martin Behrman
Y:  Hatty Jones
Z:  Gemma Lawrence

* * *

WEEK 2:  6-11th AUGUST

‘Blame’ by Peter Cant
directed by Diana Mumbi
performed by Sally Anderson & George Jovanovic

‘Spineless’ by Tobias Wright
directed by Melissa Dunne

+:  Scott Wilson-Besgrove
~:  Sophie Dickson
^:  Kirsten Hazel-Smith

‘Chemotherapy’ by Stephen Sharkey
directed by Kate Baiden

Doctor:  Sophie Dickson
Patient:  Oliver Ashworth

‘Gorilla Banana’ by Lisa Carroll
directed by Kate Baiden

Gorilla: Oliver Ashworth
Banana: Sophie Dickson

* * *

WEEK 3:  13-19th AUGUST

‘The Job’ by Alia Bano
directed by Erica Miller

A:  Catherine Harvey
B:  Louise Mai-Newberry

‘You’re the kind of girl’ by Eve Leigh
directed by Poppy Corbett
performed by David Ellis & Carla Kingham

‘Treading Water’ by Rebecca Walker
directed by Erica Miller
performed by Mai Cunningham & Jessica Sian

‘Cheating Kubler-Ross’ by Jessica Sian
directed by Poppy Corbett
performed by Mandy Fenton & Catherine Harvey

* * *

WEEK 4:  20-25th AUGUST

‘Our Space’ by John Yates
directed by Melissa Dunne
performed by Edward Cartwright & Kat Redstone

‘The Endings’ Part 2 by Sara Pascoe
directed by Susannah Tresilian
performed by Christopher Adlington, Kirsten Hazel-Smith & Ursula Lansly-Early

‘Inside You.’ by Gabriel Bisset-Smith
directed by Tom Mansfield
performed by Barney Cooper & Rachel Creamer

‘Never Said’ by Kim Yaged
directed by Tom Mansfield
performed by Barney Cooper, Rachel Creamer & Kat Redstone

* * *

A big thank you to the following supporters who donated generously to the project and enabled us to take XY to Edinburgh:
Magda Barceló
Ben Blaine
Maria Castro
Veronica Castro
Laure le Douarec
Dale Driscoll
Sahil Dutta
F J Graca
Laura McDonnell
David Michelle
German Munoz
Amel Murphy
Donnacadh O’Briain
Jean-Marc Pujol
Raphael Pujol
Meghan Sharer
Nicola Shearer
Michelle Taylor
Astrid Thompson
Jefferson Toal
John Yates